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Who believes in enjoying each and every moment of life.

All Smiles!!
A typical Cancerian and a moderate friendly person with frequent mood swings (everyone close to me can vouch for that.

Ashwathy Nair
My interests: Photography, Art, Books, Travelling, Music, Writing ,Roadtrips, Scrapbooking ,Philosophy, Poetry, Home-decor

A student and a good blogger, best philosopher.

My name is Steve. This is my photoblog. To navigate this site, click on the main picture to view the previous entry (but for posts that include multiple pictures, look for a button near the bottom that says 'Previous Post'). Click on the Bigger button to view a high resolution version of the main picture. Click on the Flickr button to view the main picture in my Flickr photostream. The Salt Box is updated daily, usually in the evening EST.