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Daniel Yomtobian - Search Business


In order to become a winner you must keep playing until you get it right. This was evident in Daniel's behavior. Daniel Yomtobian was self-motivated to make advancements in his supermarket job in his earlier days. Later, he became driven to make advancements in the newly emerging World Wide Web. He attended HTML classes, and was also learning how to create and design websites.

Daniel Yomtobian began as a web designer for small companies that wanted to make their visibility online. As he acquired diversified knowledge concerning the various aspects of domain names businesses, he began buying and selling dictionary-based domain names. Soon, he co-founded an online media and advertising company called WayInternet. He simultaneously co-founded the search engine 'Findology', and then sold his share of the company a year later.

The launch of ABCSearch was a blessing in his career path. He had made the right step forward at the right time when search businesses were just beginning to emerge. From its inception in 2001, ABCSearch has been witnessing success in the search marketing industry. ABCSearch is one of the world's top providers of cost-per-click searches on the Internet and has received acknowledgment and recognition in the online advertising industry.