Daniel Yomtobian - Success Story


Daniel Yomtobian receives full credit for the current success of ABCSearch. Due to his cleverness and ingenuity he was able to create a triumphant enterprise. ABCSearch serves over 2.5 billion searches a month and this figure is expected to continue and steadily grow.

ABCSearch, a subsidiary of Internext Media Corp., is a world leader in online cost-per-click advertising and the architect of a network of publishers. The company delivers cost-effective pricing and a host of services to all their clientele. Their search results are prime, relevant, and superordinate.

Daniel's rationale behind the inception of ABC....The concept of ABCSearch was to offer advertisers the most cost-effective way to drive targeted customer leads to their websites. ABCSearch permits advertisers to choose appropriate keywords while selecting the amount they wish to pay when consumers click on their listings. Site listings on ABCSearch are ranked and determined according to the highest bidders. As a result, advertisers have the ability to control their ad placement.

ABCSearch.com provides pay-for-performance services to web site publishers. Through their thousands of affiliate partners ABCSearch is estimated at reaching more than 20 million unique users per month. ABCSearch has relationships with thousands of active, paying advertisers. These advertisers place their product, service, and information offerings directly on one of ABCSearch.com's third party pay-per-click search partners.

The ABC Service…Currently, ABCSearch connects thousands of advertisers with millions of consumers. Daniel Yomtobian developed a partner program on ABCSearch for website owners to create a steady income stream and maximize revenue potential. By displaying ABCSearch's sponsored listings, they pay their partners a portion of the generated revenues. Daniel Yomtobian has plans to expand the network of quality distribution channels, build out a steady advertiser base and also launch their new software 'Adentify.'

'Adentify'... Adentify software relevantly connects advertisers with ABCSearch's network of content publishers. Advertisers can target consumers by displaying their ads across ABCSearch's network of content publishers. Content publishers earn revenue by displaying ABCSearch's text-ads on their websites. Every time ABCSearch's text ads are displayed, their system automatically generates ads that are relevant to the site's content in which the user is currently viewing.  Adentify software was developed using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically recognize the content of a web page in real-time accurately without the need for human interaction.